Cosmetic Micropigmentation

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Scalp Micropigmentation – For Men

'Scalp Micro Procedures offer an instant hair loss solution using specialist needles to implant coloured pigments into the scalp to replicate hair follicles. This discreet and revolutionary treatment leaves our clients looking younger and feeling more confident. Hair loss is caused my a variety of reasons and can be extremely detrimental to ones confidence levels and wellbeing.


Scalp Micropigmentation can replace receding Hairlines, camouflage bald spots, camouflage scars, create densification, disguise male pattern Baldness and offer a solution to Alopecia sufferers.

You will see instant results with this discreet, non invasive treatment, subtle yet potentially life changing.


For years male actors and celebrities have used permanent make up as a way to improve their appearance and highlight their iconic statement features. However, it’s not until recently that the benefits have been embraced by men of all ages, who are fast becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to both enhancing and maintaining their looks.


If you would like to explore in more detail a specific tailor-made procedure ranging from the favourite ‘guyliner’ to life-changing hair follicle simulation and scalp pigmentation package, please get in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation today.

Anti Ageing Treatements for Men



We specialise in cosmetic and medical grade anti ageing treatments for both men and women. We offer both microdermabrasion and Meso Therapy. We can target areas of concern on the face and neck, instantly plumping out fine lines and wrinkles, also treating acne and rosacea.

Results are noticeable after your first session, with more intense results after a course of treatments. This is a viable and natural alternative to fillers and Botox in some cases.

Scalp Scaring and other facial/body micropigmentation


Scalp (or facial) micropigmentation is a treatment that allows us to replicate hair follicles with a cosmetic tattoo technique. After your procedure you will leave with a brand new hairline, and areas of previous concern camouflaged. Bald spots will be blended to perfection and receding hairlines renewed with delicate and virtually undetectable hair follicles having been tattooed. Bald or almost bald heads will be transformed to that permanent buzz cut look that will leave you looking and feeling decades younger.

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Micropigmentation is just as much for men as it is for women

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Cosmetic & Medical Micropigmentation

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