Cosmetic Micropigmentation

for Him and Her in March & Ely, Cambridgeshire





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The perfect alternative to anti wrinkle injections to plump and rejuvenate skin!

Meso Re-Vitalize is a 60 minute treatment which is carried out in our tranquil Clinic Room. 

This revolutionary treatment is delivered using our top of the range digital machine, with the Serum implanted directly into the skin using a small plate of micro plastic needles.


It is a minimally invasive treatment that delivers instant results as a one-off treatment, or in some cases, can be an effective alternative to botox and dermal fillers when a course of treatments are undertaken. 

Your Technician will devise a suitable treatment plan with you before commencing. Although results are instantly visible after just one session, a Course of 8 is recommended for the very best possible results, with one every 4 weeks thereafter to maintain the results achieved.


Meso Therapy is extremely versatile and can be used to target several areas:


The face

The neck

The neckline

The back of the hand 

Stretch marks and scars


The system works by alloing for the introduction of active substances into the deeper skin layers, precisely where the action is most efficient. In this way the active substances stimulate cell metabolism in a more intensive manner and force the regeneration process. 













Your treatment will include:

A double cleanse to remove and Makeup and oils

A sensitive tonic toner is then applied


Meso AHA Peel is applied and left to absorb for 5-10 minutes to help remove dead skin cells and stimulate metabolism 

The selected Serum is then applied section by section and worked into the skin with the small plate of micro needles 


A Mask from the selected Product range is then applied and left for 15-20 minutes to refresh and moisturise the skin, you will even receive a Mini Indian Head Massage too!

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by Evolution Beautique


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Cosmetic & Medical Micropigmentation

for Him and Her





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